Gadabout Gringa

This is my travel blog. After enough prodding, I've finally gone and done it.  I will do my best to avoid navel-gazing, but I can't make any promises. Here, you will find the sorted stories of my travel experiences. You will also find tips for people to meet, places to stay, and random tidbits I've found helpful along the way. Some posts will be about people, some will cover emotional revelations, and some will simply offer advice I wish I'd received. This isn't a backpackers blog per say. It's for people who like to connect (affordably), have outgrown dorm-style accommodations but refuse to believe that age denotes access to adventure. 


Disclaimer: As the term "Gringa" suggests, I know my lens is limited to my perspective, but I hope to honor the people that have opened their homes, hearts and minds to me along my travels in Latin America.




a person who travels often or to many different places, especially for pleasure.